9 DIY Wall Decor ideas With Photo

One of the first things I notice when I see a friend’s home is the state of the walls. I come away with a new idea for my own home. Here are some of the better home wall decor.

You can not go wrong with family pictures. There are a bunch of different twists you can wear this classic while this is a staple of home wall decoration. One of my favorite trends these days is currently transferring photos.

You simply send your favorite photo to a company that provides this service, and in a short while you will receive back a stunning canvas copy of this photo. Put the canvas in a very good frame, and you’ve got a piece of artwork to showcase prominently in your living room or family room.

If you can’t manage a Picasso or Van Gogh just yet, you can bring the beauty of their work in your house. There are many different forms of reproductions from posters to expensive copies by artists, so it comes down to how much you are willing to spend on home wall decor. You can visit a few local galleries to see if any artists catch your attention. Normally a bit from a artist can be had for a fee, which is good for your budget. Additionally, it is always fun to be able to say that you own an original work!

If your finances are really tight, you can go for some cheap home wall decor alternatives such as posters and magazine covers. Believe it or not, posters can actually look pretty good in your walls — particularly if you get a particular theme going (such as sports or movies). Frames make of the difference, however, so ensure you spend a few bucks on a frame instead of going for the dorm room method of using thumbtacks or double-sided tape! The same holds for magazine covers.

So long as you stick to a particular theme (for instance, all Rolling Stone covers or all Sports Illustrated covers, then the effect can be amazing.

These are just a couple basic home wall decor ideas that can be integrated in almost any house on practically any type of budget. All you’ve got to do is determine what you would not mind looking at each and every day, and then start shopping.