9 Farmhouse Black Laundry Room Design

One of the reasons laundry appears to be a job to many is because the dark, gloomy room where it takes place. As you enter a typical laundry room, the boring walls and the piles of clothes indicate that you have nothing good to look forward to a couple of hours of working hard on creating your clothes shine.

You have to finish it and however if you’re given a job, why not make it an enjoyable experience? This can be accomplished by most importantly, adding some colors which you dread to enter. You laundry room is just like any other room in the home and it deserves to be decorated and taken care of as any other also.

Primarily, painting the room in different colors will make it look lively and bright. It is common to get tired of the white paint which may be peeling off from several regions due to no proper maintenance. You can go ahead and paint the laundry your favorite colour, be it yellow, pink or blue. To save costs up, you can do this on your own with the support of a relative or friend.

To make it appear more creative and vibrant, you can ask friends and family members to draw graffiti with spray paints and paints. You just need your imagination to come in flow and you might not need help of any specialist in decorating the walls. Even the children in the home can lead towards it. They can also put stickers of movie stars or their favorite cartoon characters up to add spice. These decorations may look better if the laundry area is kept organized and clean.


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